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What We Do

At VPG Property, we cover five key areas of expertise with our suite of property services: 

  • Property Management
  • Leasing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trust Accounting

With our knowledge and experience, we will take care of your assets, deliver stability to your property business and aim to strengthen the long-term performance of your investments. 

1. Property Management

VPG Property provides dedicated and specialised property management services for commercial, retail and industrial properties. 

We are committed to the fundamental components of property management and we understand that our performance drives the value of your property. 

Utilising innovative processes and technologies, we deliver the following services: 

  • Collection and accounting of rental income
  • Remittances of rent from trust account each month
  • Lease administration including all market, fixed and CPI rent reviews
  • Attracting and retaining suitable tenant profiles with a focus on long term retention 
  • Management of outgoings expenses, preparation of property budgets and annual reconciliation of outgoings
  • Proactive rental arrears management and reporting
  • Maintenance of building plant and equipment including the engagement of contractors and procurement of building services 

2. Leasing

Our leasing strategies are focused on forging long-term tenant relationships. We understand that receiving a successful return means more than simply leasing space. 

Our services include: 

  • Identifying, attracting and retaining high quality tenants
  • Maximising rental returns by securing long-term tenants
  • Negotiating rental rates to maximise rental returns

3. Portfolio management 

We aim to maximise the value and long-term performance of your assets by implementing and overseeing your property portfolio and strategy. 

Our specialised portfolio management services include:

  • Managing property and facilities management processes
  • Undertaking direct lease negotiations 
  • Financial and trust accounting management
  • Managing routine and preventative maintenance services contracts with a focus on building lifecycle planning 
  • Managing operational running costs
  • Reviewing and procurement of maintenance and services contracts 
  • Facilitate lifecycle planning and the scheduling of plant and equipment replacement timeframes

4. trust accounting

At VPG Property we know the importance of deploying state of the art trust accounting solutions to centralise the accounting and lease administration functions of a property. This provides transparency, real time analysis of accounting information and an analytical insight across the real estate lifecycle of your property. 

Our transparent, innovative financial management services include: 

  • Detailed financial reports to varied client specifications (including cash and accrual)
  • Long range budgeting and forecasting of income, expenses, capital works and lifecycle planning
  • Lease administration and management of critical dates
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual actual versus budget reporting 
  • Reconciliation of rent and variable outgoings
  • Remittances of rent and arrears management
  • Assessing and disbursing contractor services 
  • Payment and recovery of building expenses
  • Distribution of purchase orders via contractor management portal